‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Meredith & Amelia Fight Over Derek’s Shocking Death (2023)

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Meredith & Amelia Fight Over Derek’s Shocking Death (1)

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Meredith & Amelia Fight Over Derek’s Death

It’s been a year since Derek died, and Meredith’s life has resumed as normal. Well, sort of.

There are new interns, a whole slew of them, and as Dr. Webber introduces them to the hospital we see flashbacks of when our group of doctors first stepped into that very same operating room. It’s sweet, but will we be facing flashbacks for the remainder of the season now that Derek is gone?

Stephanie has graduated and is now a doctor, and she’s even taking charge of a small batch of new interns. My, how the tables have turned!

Oh, and Dr. Webber and Catherine Avery are getting married. Jackson is her maid-of-honor, and although he seems into it there seems to be some tension between him and April. Before the ceremony can commence, Jackson’s phone starts going off and you see a breaking news broadcast come up on the screen behind him.

At the hospital, the doctors prepare for incoming patients only to be greeted by ambulances with dead patients. Whatever happened it’s not good, and it’s likely there are more bodies on their way, too. Sad.

We soon find out that a tunnel collapsed and trapped multiple cars filled with innocent people underneath it. So far 13 people are dead, and the doctors are try to remain hopeful after the first living patient comes in. However, it still doesn’t look good.

The wedding is officially on hold, especially when Catherine shows up at the hospital to help.

Another patient comes in and it’s a pregnant woman who is in labor. Unfortunately, she’s more worried about someone named Keith, possibly her husband, but the super hot doctor that brought her in reassures her that everything is going to be fine.

Meredith Gets Special Treatment From Webber

As this is happening, Dr. Webber assigns a team of doctors to go to the tunnel and help treat someone who is trapped inside his vehicle. It’s Keith, and once you see his car completely flattened debris you realize it’s a miracle he’s alive. He’s literally trapped between the metal of his own car, and his body is covered in blood. It’s horrific to see, but Meredith is leading the team — and she gets them started immediately.

Before this allwent down, Hunt revealed that he’s resigning as chief because he needs to move onto something else. Whether or not this means he’s leaving the hospital for good remains to be seen, but we later find out that Dr. Webber is suggesting Bailey take on the role. Finally, Bailey is getting her due!

Back at the crash site, Meredith, Amelia, Stephanie, Pierce, and April are working hard on Keith. He’s impaled in his abdomen, and they think he may have a collapsed lung — especially when he coughs up blood.

The new doctor, the hot one, is super nice and Hunt is letting him suit up and work on the pregnant patient he brought in. When I say super nice, I mean he is super nice. He smiles, and he’s polite, has manners, and all of the women are so sidetracked by saving lives — as they should be — they hardly notice. Is he going to stay? I hope so!

In another part of the hospital, a 17-year-old came in and flatlined almost immediately. Hunt wants to try something new to save him by putting him on bypass and draining his blood, replacing it with saline. There’s a lot of fancy medical words used to explain how this will save his life, but not enough to get Jackson’s approval. He involves his mom, of course, who also shoots down the idea.

Instead of listening, Hunt reminds everyone that he only needs two doctors to give consent — and he gets that from Alex and Webber. Catherine isn’t there when Richard gives the okay, so you already know Jackson is going to rat him out and possibly ruin their chances at getting married.

Keith Can’t Be Saved By The Doctors

April has become incredibly cold, and it shows when the doctors talk about different ways they can try to save him. Unfortunately they come up with zero that will actually work, and it’s April who tells them that he’s basically already dead. According to her, no matter what they do he’s going to die, and they just need to go back to the hospital and save patients that have a real chance. It’s almost baffling to hear her say that, especially with no emotion, and it makes you wonder what she witnessed while she was out in the “combat zone” as Catherine called it.

Back at the hospital, two of the new interns are talking about how horrible the accident has been. The girl is going into great detail about the mangled bodies, the mass casualties, and the guy trapped inside his car who didn’t make it. Unfortunately, they decided to have this conversation right in front of Joan, the pregnant patient who was brought in by the hot doctor. She starts yelling that she can’t breathe and asks them to take off her neck brace, so the guy intern starts to open it just as Stephanie is walking in. She catches him a moment too late, and when Joan turns her neck it cracks and she screams in pain.

The hot doctor is with her, and she asks him to help her stabilize the spine but he becomes very flustered and tells her he doesn’t know how. When she asks why, he drops a bomb: he’s just an intern. Whoa!

Amelia Badgers Meredith About Derek’s Death

On the ride back from the crash site, Meredith tries to reassure Dr. Pierce by telling her that there was nothing they could do. It’s at that moment that Amelia starts to side eye her, and when they arrive at Grey-Sloane she finally snaps on her. Amelia badgers her in the entranceway about how she makes such rash decision, and how she can turn her back on tragic situations without a second thought.

It’s very obvious she’s talking about Derek, but why is this conversation happening a year after his death?

Later, Amelia and Meredith confront each other again in a supply room. Amelia tells Meredith she could have saved Derek, and even though Meredith says there was nothing she could do, that it was too late for him, Amelia asks over and over again why she didn’t even think to call. It’s incredibly sad to watch, especially when a tearful Amelia storms out and Meredith finally breaks down sobbing once she’s alone.

Joan, the pregnant woman who cracked her neck, can no longer feel anything in her body. She can’t move her fingers or toes, and she can’t feel the contractions from her labor. They stabilize her spine and plan to move her to surgery when she finally starts to get tingles, and slowly but surely she can feel her body again. Then, the contractions come on hard, and the doctors struggle to keep her stable so that she doesn’t paralyze herself.

It turns out that her labor is so far along she has to give birth inside the elevator. The birth goes okay, but Joan is devastated because Keith isn’t there. She’s hysterical crying, and so are the doctors around her — Arizona, Callie, Stephanie. It’s so sad.

Keith Gets A Second Chance

Speaking of sad, Meredith tells Alex that since she’s been back she can’t “unpause” her life. She tells him that when she goes home she doesn’t feel at home because it’s not her house, it’s her and Derek’s house, and he’s gone. So, she asks Alex if she and the kids can stay with him in her old home and he, of course, says yes.

Things between Alex and Jo aren’t great because she apparently wants to join the army, and he more or less told her to do whatever she wants in a not-so-nice way. When the episode ends, it’s unclear what she will actually end up doing.

But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Er, maybe that’s a bad reference to say, but just before the credits roll, April shows up outside the hospital with Keith still alive — and still trapped inside his car. She stopped the firemen from cutting him out so that he wouldn’t bleed out, and she hopes that they can save him now that he’s right outside the hospital.

To be continued…

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Did Amelia have a right to be mad at Meredith? Comment below with your thoughts.

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