Everything You Need to Know About Western Michigan University Hockey Tickets (2023)


Discover the seamless process of obtaining Western Michigan University hockey tickets, whether you're a dedicated fan or a newcomer eager to experience the excitement. Our straightforward guide ensures you have all the details for a hassle-free ticket purchase.

Ticket Options

1. In-Person at the Bronco Ticket Office

Visit the Bronco Ticket Office at Waldo Stadium to secure your tickets directly. Experience personalized assistance and choose your seats in person.

2. Via Phone

For a convenient option, call 1-888-4-WMU-TIX or (269) 387-8092 to speak with our ticketing experts and finalize your ticket purchase effortlessly.

3. Online at wmubroncos.com/tickets

Explore the user-friendly online platform at wmubroncos.com/tickets. Enjoy the ease of selecting and securing your tickets from the comfort of your home.

Ticket Office Details

The Bronco Ticket Office at Waldo Stadium operates from Monday to Friday, ensuring accessibility for fans. Open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the office welcomes fans to make inquiries and purchases during these hours.

Ticket Replacement Policy

While we understand the challenges of ticket misplacement, Western Michigan University has a clear policy. If your tickets are lost, stolen, or misplaced, promptly report the issue. The Athletic Ticket Office offers solutions, including a seating pass for the full face value of the ticket if reported at the game without the tickets.

Will Call Convenience

For last-minute ticket orders within five business days of the event, Will Call at the main entrance of Lawson Ice Arena ensures a secure and efficient pickup process. A picture ID is all you need for a smooth transaction.

Lawson Ice Arena Information

Gain insights into the game day experience at Lawson Ice Arena:

  • Gate Information: Doors open one hour before the scheduled game time.
  • Smoking/Tobacco Policy: Comply with Western Michigan University's Tobacco-Free campus policy.
  • First Aid: Ushers at the top of each section are ready to assist with any first aid needs.
  • Wheelchair Seating: Accommodations for wheelchair seating are available, ensuring an inclusive experience.
  • Lost & Found: The arena's lost and found, located at the ticket windows, operates efficiently, with items promptly transferred to the Department of Public Safety.

Game Day Etiquette

Ensure an enjoyable experience for all by adhering to fan policies:

  • Prohibited Items: Familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited items, including large bags, containers, and projectiles.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Follow the guidelines regarding the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages within the arena.
  • Fan Policies: Strictly adhere to guidelines, with a particular emphasis on refraining from throwing items onto the ice surface.

Parking and Directions

Make your journey to Lawson Ice Arena seamless with detailed parking and direction information:

  • Parking Information: Enjoy free parking on all sides of Lawson Ice Arena, with reserved Lot 63 requiring a parking pass.
  • Directions: Find convenient routes from I-94, US-131, and M-43, ensuring you arrive at the arena with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Address common queries about tickets, seating, parking, and more:

  • Ticket Mailing: Tickets are mailed the next business day.
  • Handicap Seating and Parking: Information on available handicap seating and parking spots.
  • Children's Tickets: Guidelines for children aged two and under.
  • General Parking: Options for those without a parking pass.

For any additional inquiries about Bronco Hockey Tickets, contact the Bronco Ticket Office at 888-4-WMU-TIX (269-387-8092). Join us for an unforgettable hockey experience at Western Michigan University.


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