Best Weapons in Mass Effect Legendary Edition (2023)

Mass Effect 1: Spectre - Master Gear Range

In the legendary Mass Effect 1, the pinnacle of weaponry resides within the elusive Spectre - Master Gear set. This exclusive set encompasses a pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle, catering to diverse play styles across character classes. Acquiring these armaments poses a challenge as only specific vendors, the Normandy Requisitions Officer and C-Sec counterpart, supply them. Their limited availability adds prestige and desirability to these arms.

The path to obtaining these weapons demands significant dedication. To access the paramount Level X, a player must reach Level 50 and accumulate over one million credits, adhering to a stringent achievement requirement. The Spectre weapons at Level X boast unparalleled base damage ranging from high 200s to high 300s, coupled with exceptional accuracy rates up to 91. The endeavor to attain these items involves prudent financial management and strategic purchasing, ensuring access to the finest armaments for the game's climax.

Mass Effect 2: Enhanced Arsenal

Mass Effect 2 introduces subtle yet notable alterations to its weaponry repertoire, ushering in two new categories - submachine guns and heavy weapons. Each weapon type possesses distinct characteristics and recommendations for optimal utilization based on combat preferences and class specialization.

  • Best Heavy Pistol: The M-5 Phalanx stands out with commendable damage output and pinpoint accuracy due to its built-in laser sight, while the M-6 Carnifex serves as a reliable secondary weapon.

  • Best Shotgun: The M-22 Eviscerator excels in both close-range and distance combat scenarios, boasting a rapid rate of fire and substantial magazine capacity.

  • Best Assault Rifle: The formidable Geth Pulse Rifle reigns supreme with its unparalleled rate of fire and ammo capacity. Meanwhile, the accessible M-96 Mattock serves as a reliable alternative.

  • Best Sniper Rifle: For Soldiers or Infiltrators, the M-98 Widow shines with its immense single-shot damage potency, while the M-92 Mantis offers comparable performance for other classes.

  • Best Submachine Gun: The M-9 Tempest and M-12 Locust cater to different combat styles, with the former excelling in close-range combat and the latter offering superior accuracy for long-range engagements.

  • Best Heavy Weapon: The Collector Particle Beam emerges as a powerful asset, boasting precision, range, and shield-piercing capabilities, albeit requiring constant line-of-sight for effective use.

Mass Effect 3: Weaponry Evolution

Mass Effect 3 refines the weapon system, introducing alterations and enhancements to familiar arms while streamlining heavy weapons as limited-use pickups tied to specific missions.

  • Best Heavy Pistol: The M-6 Carnifex remains a reliable choice for secondary armament, while the M-358 Talon impresses with its accuracy and damage output as a primary weapon.

  • Best Shotgun: The M-300 Claymore, redesigned and available to all classes, delivers substantial damage but requires reloading after each shot, making it a potent yet tactical choice.

  • Best Assault Rifle: The M-96 Mattock offers a hybrid advantage, combining rapid-fire attributes of an assault rifle with the damage potential akin to a sniper rifle.

  • Best Sniper Rifle: The Black Widow presents an improved version of its predecessor, allowing three shots before reloading, catering to Infiltrators and offering unmatched damage potential.

  • Best Submachine Gun: The N7 Hurricane and M-12 Locust excel in different areas, with the former emphasizing fire rate and the latter providing a balanced performance.

  • Best Grenades: ME3 expands grenade powers to 14 variations, offering versatility in combat. Notably, the biotic-powered Cluster Grenade stands out for its visual impact and strategic dispersal of enemies.

The evolution across the trilogy showcases diverse weaponry catering to distinct play styles, offering players a vast arsenal to optimize their combat effectiveness in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.


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